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The Wrinkles 2.0 - A light and multi-compartment fashionable backpack built to delight the young urban communities. This contemporary yet executive-inclined backpack features a cushioned laptop pocket designed to hold up to 14” laptops, besides document files. The main compartment is also spacious enough to accommodate jacket, umbrella and laptop cable adaptor effortlessly. The uniqueness of Wrinkles 2.0 lies in the hidden pockets that are unnoticeable to naked eyes. It is also built with added functionality in the form of easy access side pockets on both sides for coins and cards, and water bottle and tumbler. 

  • A trendy and fashionable laptop backpack with multiple compartment designed specifically for young executives that is suitable for many purposes, be it for work, shopping, or travelling.
  • Made from stylish, glossy and light weight fashion nylon fabric that doesn’t go out of style easily.
  • 2 front zippered compartment that is hidden from the prying eyes of potential intruders and opens up into spacious compartment for handy and quick to access belongings.
  • The 2 mesh side pockets that are wide enough to fit a 500ml bottle, tumbler or umbrella. 
  • 2 side zippered flap that are designed for user to keep coins and keys handily.
  • Roomy inner compartment that could fit laptop cable adaptor, gadgets, jacket, and lunch box.
  • Padded laptop compartment that could fit 14” laptop, and a sizeable inner mesh pocket that is great for keeping small personal items such bank card and dongle.
  • Thick back padding that exudes comfort and it also hides a security pocket for wallet, passport and cash.
  • Soft and padded shoulder strap layered with mesh foam that gives a comfortable carrying experience.
  • Additional stabilizing buckle that could be hooked together to give a more secured grip while carrying the bag on one shoulder.
  • Tough and easy to grip handle for hand carrying at ease, especially useful when the user is taking public transport.

Material : 
Fashion Nylon + 210D PU
Size :
11” (W) X 17” (H) X 4” (D)
Weight :
+/- 575g


Who is the target group for Wrinkle 2.0?
Wrinkle 2.0 is designed for Gen-Y executives and young-at-heart working adults who often carry
backpack to work.

What is the size and weight of Wrinkle 2.0?
Size of Wrinkle 2.0 is 11” (W) X 17” (H) X 4” (D), and weight is approximately 525g.

What is Wrinkle 2.0 made of?
Wrinkle 2.0 uses fashion nylon as main fabric, and 210D PU lining.

Is Wrinkle 2.0 water proof?
No, Wrinkle 2.0 is not water proof. It is water resistant.

Can I wash Wrinkle 2.0?
It is not recommended to wash. Instead, use wet cloth or tissues to wipe it clean and air dry.

What is the water bottle size that can fit into the side pocket?
The side pocket can fit up to 500ml water bottle.

What is the thermal flask size that can fit into the side pocket?
The side pocket can fit up to 450ml thermal flask.

Can it fit Starbucks tumbler?
Yes, the side pocket can fit up to the Grande size tumbler.

How much weight can I put into Wrinkle 2.0?
It is recommended to put things not exceeding 5kg.

What is the laptop size Wrinkle 2.0 can fit?
Wrinkle 2.0 can fit laptop size of up to 14”.

What is the zippered pocket at the back foam padding used for?
The zippered pocket is a security pocket designed to hide where users put their personal and
important items, such as wallet, passport and cash.

What is the recommended wallet size that could fit into the security pocket?
The recommended wallet size 4.5” (W) X 4” (H) X 1.5” (D).

Can the security pocket fits iphone 7 Plus?
Yes, it can fit iphone 7 Plus.

What colours do you have?
Wrinkle 2.0 comes in Black, Grey and Maroon colours.

What if Wrinkle 2.0 got stained by liquid such as milk?
It is recommended to wipe it clean with wet cloth or tissues immediately and let it dry by air.

What is the purpose of the end buckles with Terminus word?
The buckle at the end is known as stabilizing buckle and they could be hooked together to give a
more secured grip while carrying the bag on one shoulder.

Can I put it under the sun to kill off the smell?
It is not recommended to put under the sun directly to prevent any deterioration on the fabric.

What is the warranty?
The warranty is for 1 year against manufacturing defects from date of purchase. This covers
workmanship, material and accessories defects. This does not cover defects created by user due to
mishandling, misuse or wear and tear from usage.

How do I file for the claim for my bag?
Please contact State your purchase date, and details of the defect.
Attach photos for warranty team to review the conditions of the defect. If approved, you will receive
an approval code. Arrange to send the bag to Brilliant Merchandising Sdn Bhd. If the defect is
repairable, it will be processed within a week upon bag receipt. If not repairable, the bag will be

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